Lakewood Question 200

Opponents blast proposed Lakewood growth cap, say it would scare away investment and increase home prices

Lakewood Question 200

Lakewood growth initiative will be costly to taxpayers…

A new study says ballot question to limit growth to 1% a year will lead to higher property taxes to pay for city services.


Question 200 WILL impact all of Lakewood

The growth cap will make it more expensive to live in Lakewood.

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Housing Costs Are Overwhelming

"Due to rising prices and lack of inventory, housing costs are overwhelming for hundreds of thousands of Coloradans…" Read the statistics.


Denver Remains a Top Destination for Millennials

"Denver remains a magnet for millennials, but a lack of affordable homes could prevent many of them from sticking around for the long haul…" 


How Local Growth Restrictions Impact Affordability

“These growth control measures might sound good on paper, but the artificial housing shortage they’ve created has had a negative effect on affordability…"


Revitalize America: Sprawl Hurts Us All

According to the Sierra Club, "Poorly planned development is threatening our environment, our health, and our quality of life…"

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Measuring Sprawl And Its Impact

With three years of research, this first of its kind study defines, measures and evaluates the impacts of sprawl.


Lack of Inclusionary Affordable Housing Leads to Segregation and Financial Disparity


Getting Legal Help Can Be a Barrier for Low-Income Colorado Families Who Need Safe, Clean Housing

A case involving Denver-based SKM Management Co., bed bugs and bad heating highlights the struggle for tenants…


How Anti-Growth Sentiment, Reflected in Zoning Laws, Thwarts Equality

The small city of Boulder, home to the University of Colorado’s flagship campus, has a booming local economy and a pleasantly compact downtown with mountain views. Not surprisingly, a lot of people want to move here…

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Building an Exclusive Community

Opposition says growth measure not wanted…